Thursday, March 30, 2023

Lagos-Born Artist Oresegun Olumide’s Hyperrealist Paintings Impress & Confuse the Internet

If you’ve been anywhere near the news recently, you’ll have heard about the Lagos-born Nigerian artist, Oresegun Olumides paintings, which have made more than a splash everywhere from the art scene to social media.

The super life-like oil paintings have everyone in complete awe, with many initially speculating on whether or not they are in fact photographs – the hyperrealism created in his work confusing some who’ve come across it.


The 35-year-old Fine Art graduate of the Yaba College of Technology in Lagos has been a professional artist since 2005, having developed a feel for art at age four. Mr Olumide now uses the theme of water in his work, both inspired by the popular Yoruban adage “water has no enemy,” and in order to create work that is unusual to that of other artists in his community – the painter telling CNN that each piece is;

“…A gradual process… And depending on the intricacy I want to achieve, it can take a couple of months.”

 The artist has blown up online with his perfect water works amassing over 40k followers on Instagram so far – but take a look at Oresegun Olumide’s amazing paintings below and tell us if you’ll be following the hype like the rest of us.

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