Friday, March 31, 2023

LagosPhoto Festival Returns for 6th Edition This Month

Returning for a sixth year, the LagosPhoto Festival will take place in the city this month, bringing African image-makers from the continent and beyond together in a month-long exhibition.

As Nigeria’s first international photography festival, the platform will also offer workshops, artist presentations, discussions and large scale outdoor prints displayed throughout the city, offering a narrative on the multifaceted African story.

Launching next week on the 13th of October with a press conference at Eko Hotel, LagosPhoto’s program of events includes a Summer School Workshop and a lecture from New York-based Nigerian, Ike Ude – a self portraitist who will discuss “the performative essence of fashion and the fashioned-self.”

Photograph by Mehdi Sefrioui

The main exhibition entitled Designing Futures, will run from its grande opening on 24th of October till November 27th, with works by Nigerian talent Kadara Enyeasi, Morocco’s Mehdi Sefrioui, Lagosian photographer Ima Mfon, South Africa-born Nobukho Nqaba and many more on display.

The exhibition’s curator, Cristina De Middel, says that;

“…A photography festival in Lagos responds to what I can see is a change in the pattern …of the world’s “order”.

An explosive combination of facts has, in the last few years, placed Africa as a crucial reference and as an inspiration for cutting edge design and “coolness”.

Self portrait by Nobukho Nqaba
Self portrait by Nobukho Nqaba

We need to think […] about what “intention” really means in Africa and what role genuine African “intention” has played in the rest of the world’s perception of the whole continent.”

With plenty of talent to peruse and be inspired by, plus a plethora of photographs promising to tell the many stories of the continent via its own perspective, we at SPICE definitely intend to visit, and suggest those wishing to do the same head here for the LagosPhoto Festival’s schedule of events.

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