Friday, December 8, 2023

Lakin Ogunbanwo Asks ‘Are We Good Enough?’ in New Solo Exhibition

Top Nigerian photographer, Lakin Ogunbanwo is launching a new solo exhibition this week in Cape Town, entitled “Are We Good Enough” – a showcase of portraits that explores identity via Nigerian traditional dress.

The series sees the talent “purposefully obscuring the individual identity of the sitters” by having them face away from his lens, with each shot unified by a single accessory – a hat.


The photographer shared that he used the item to tone down the communicative aspect of the project “to the power of the hat”, calling it a;

“…Witty but vital accessory in fashion”

– used in this case to speak of masculine identity.


The “Are We Good Enough?” exhibition – Ogunbanwo’s second with South Africa’s Whatiftheworld gallery – will run from the 5th of December till the 23rd of January, and Team SPICE suggest you find your way there.


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