Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Learn Patois with Jeneil Williams’ New Video for I.D Magazine

Want to learn Patois with model Jeneil Williams? Well thanks to I.D‘s new video, you can.

Yes, helping us continue celebrating all things travel here at SPICE, the magazine’s bringing us island vibes by revealing a new edition of its Model Mother Tongue series – this time capturing young model Jeneil teaching the language of Patois; an English-based creole language spoken in the model’s native, Jamaica.

In the short film, 22 year old Williams sports her signature slicked-back hair and has her athletic frame clad in bright carnival-ready clothing. Spied in the setting of a vacant sports club, Ms Williams advises;

“First thing you need to know when someone asks you ‘how are you doing’ is: Me good yuh know, but look at yuh, di better one.”

We at least know that phrase would be valid in any conversation we’d ever have with the beauty herself, but find out what other Patois phrases you’d exchange with Jeneil, below;

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