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Levi Strauss Sues Kenzo Over Similar Jeans Pocket Tab

When you spot a little tab on the rear pocket of a denim you automatically assume it’s a Levi denim, but with technology and the revolution in fashion there has been a lot of change in the way fashion houses brand their pieces. Levi may have thought they owned sway to the little tab on denim pockets but Kenzo thought otherwise.

Trademark and Copyright infringement is one of the unsolved problems in the fashion industry, not only because fashion(clothes, bags and other things) is seen as functional but it’s not seen as art in most cases (we would give you a better insight on trademark and copyright in the fashion industry). Levi Strauss & Co sued French luxury house under LVMH ‘Kenzo’ of trademark infringement for putting tabs on its pants pockets in its latest collection featuring singer Britney Spears.

kenzo is being sued by Levi for trademarkl infringement

This complaint was filled in Levi’s HQ region with a U.S District Court in San Francisco, according to the filling, Levi said Kenzo’s activities threaten to cause Levi to lose sales and suffer “incalculable and irreparable damage” to its goodwill while also confusing shoppers.

This lawsuit would mean a lot of things if won and if lost, as it would serve as the bench mark for other similar lawsuits, Levi has made it clear that it has put peculiar tabs bearing its name in the form of folded cloth ribbons just at the rear of the pockets of their denim pants. kenzo is yet to make a statement as pertaining to the lawsuit but we can only hope for the best.


This has left us pondering if Levi has a right to hold sway over this piece of identification, although the brand has laid claims to have used this means of identification since 1936 to provide “sight identification” for its products. Levi is using this case to recoup lost profits, compensatory and punitive damages.


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