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LFDW Fashion Focus Five Finalist

Lagos Fashion and Design Week has consistently helped emerging designers get the platform they deserve and push them to become better. Fashion focus as a platform has also aided these designers to reach their full potential. With the likes of Orange Culture, Samuelnoon, Emmy Kasbit, Imad Edosu, Sisiano, Morafo, Mo Agusto, etc.

They have been able to take over the Nigerian Fashion scene in recent times. It is no news that the newbies in the Nigerian Fashion industry are giving the old ones a run for their money and they are unapologetic about it. We got a chance to interview some of the fashion focus semi finalists at LFDW2017, at this point it is safe to say they came up on top.

Take a look at all five profiles of the fashion focus segment from LFDW2017, we are certain that they are about to take over the fashion scene in Africa and beyond.

Gabriel Solomon

Russell Solomon is a revolutionary menswear religion luxury brand born out of a love for antique and fine luxury with a modern feel. Inspired by the need to seek the best living condition, yet affordable. This indigenous brand was founded by Gabriel Solomon, he coinfed the name Russeell from his nickname in Yoruba “Adaori kpon”.

Russell Solomon understands men’s fashion is a form of self-expression, allowing men to distinguish themselves. Russell Solomon stands to create ageless sophisticated affordable men’s luxury clothing and accessories. Russell Solomon pieces are unique, all pieces share a connection to a story. The lifestyle and brand’s story is shared in the product description accompanying each piece of our clothing. Are we excited to see this brand on this platform? off course and we can not wait to see what the brand unveils.

Adenike Adegboye

After completing a two year fashion Design course in Milan and interning under a prestigious photographer, you would expect nothing less from this creative. Adenike is passionate about women’s wear and interprets her passion by infusing African fabrics in all her ensembles. The contemporary women’s wear brand is taking the African print to a whole new level and need the creative director is doing an awesome job. Are we surprised that she made the final cut in the fashion focus segment, No we are not, Adenike is creating magic with her hands and we are definitely looking forward to more from the fashion brand.

Faith Oluwajimi

We have a personal spot for Faith Oluwajimi, the young lad is redefining the Nigerian fashion scene by infusing Knitwear as part of his brands aesthetics. In an exclusive Interview with the Creative Director of the brand at LFDW2017, he lets us into his world of fashion. According to him, the name Bloke was inspired out of pondering on the constructed views of masculinity in Nigeria and Africa.

Bloke is a best known for it’s Knitwear pieces, in his words “I choose Knit wear because it a field that is not well exploited in Nigeria and Africa, I wanted to experiment more”. With all amazing things Bloke is bringing to the fashion scene in Nigeria, he has gained a lot of international press presence, after being featured on vogue for a couple of times, Official Italia, WGSM, to name a few.

It is certain that his brands aesthetics which is quirky, art and gender blurring pieces which has a lot of androgynous feel speak to his carefree, and always ready to experiment clientele.  Faith who just recently spoke at a fashion panel alongside Orange Culture has styled a couple of celebrities like Mr Eazi, Swanky Jerry and lots more. Bloke sees foresees his brand showcasing on International Runways and also stocking Internationally.

We are super excited for Bloke and looking forward to more knit wear designers in Nigeria.

Cyntia Otiyo Abila

Cynthia and Angel is not only an emerging indigenous women’s wear brand based in Abuja Nigeria but the creative Director creates pieces that are rare and top notch. Cynthia and Angel is a complete lifestyle brand that offers timeless, modern, classic, wears for fashionable women, they seek to thrill and inspire their clients with striking designs that ignite the senses.

Jermaine Asiedu

The Ghanaian has shown that fashion is a universal language and hence he can operate from any time zone he deems fit. Having penetrated into the Ghanaian market as an emerging designer, he also decides to create a niche market. Jermaine Asiedu is here to stay and we are loving it.


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