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Lisa Folawiyo, Adebayo Oke-Lawal & Zandile Blay Tell Elle About Lagos’ Hidden Gems

Top talents, designers Lisa Folawiyo of Jewel By Lisa and Adebayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture, plus journalist Zandile Blay have been talking to Elle Decoration Magazine about Lagos, Nigeria’s hidden gems, for a piece entitled My Local Lagos. 

Featured in the September’15 issue of the mag, the trio reveal and advise on their favourite hangouts in the city, with menswear designer Mr Oke-Lawal sharing that;

“My ideal weekend starts off at the beach with watching the sunset with some great Suya in-hand, and some friends got smile and laugh with. Then off to Bogobiri for dinner and music and a night out at S.I.P or Rhapsody with my amazing buds.”


The talent also emplores that visitors to his hometown “must have tea at boutique/micro cafe, Stranger” adding that they should also;

“…Take a boat ride to party at Illashe and experience a Lagos wedding – the cultural wealth is astounding.”


For Ms Folawiyo, hidden gems include The Lagos Jet-Ski Club in Ikoyi, plus;

“ROMA Fruits of Nature in Victoria Island where I go to stock up on my aromatherapy oils, lotions and potions.”

Lisa Folawiyo (Jewel by Lisa)

The designer also advises visitors not to;

“…Miss the architecture of The National Theatre, by far one of the most popular landmarks in Nigeria, designed to look like the cap of a former military Head of State.”


Huffington Post columnist Zandile Blay revealed that Glover Court in Ikoyi serves the best Suya, and that the best of Lagos style can be found just;

“…Outside your door. From the security guard and office secretary to the socialite, anyone you see is serving authentic and inspirational style.

I’m convinced it’s in the DNA of the Lagosian to be unapologetic in all things: including their wardrobe.”

Team SPICE totally agree with their trio’s thoughts, but see Lisa Folawiyo, Adebayo Oke-Lawal and Zandile Blay’s full interview here then let us know your hidden treasures in and around Lagos, online @SPICETVAFRICA or in the comments box below.

Image source:,, @Lisafolawiyo,

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