Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Lisa Folawiyo Is The Perfect Work Wear Inspiration For The Week

Lisa Folawiyo has earned her magna cum laude in style from us and she totally deserves it, because She’s chic, she’s urbane, she’s voguish, she’s stylish and everything in one so why not.

Lisa needs no introduction but so you really know who we are discussing, we would do you the honors of introducing her. She is the creative director of multi faceted global womens wear and accessories brand, Jewel by Lisa. Lisa Folawiyo transformed the popular Ankara fabric into a globally coveted print. This conceptual and global design hybrid has been the key to Lisa Folawiyo ʼs success.

The Lisa Folawiyo line is housed under the Jewel by Lisa Group, with other brands namely Jewel by Lisa (The Ankara collection), The J label (The Diffusion collection), and Pretty Precious (The Kids collection).

Lisa Folawiyo has been on our raider of most stylish fashion designers for so long, just in case you are looking for a designer who rocks all her designs, we are sorry to disappoint you but Lisa is not one of those. She can get away in just anything and everything. Lisa can pull off a Balanciaga crocks with a Jewel by Lisa piece. In total, Lisa is your out of the box stylish person, she refuses rules and trends to restrict her, she is the trend and she sets it.

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