Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Lookbook: Belois Couture’s Debut “Átómu” Collection

Oisetohanmen “Omon” Isinugben, the creative director of fashion label Belois Couture and the first winner of the Fashion Protégé competition hosted by Multichoice Nigeria, has just unveiled the Abuja-based label’s debut collection, “Átómu.”

The lineup features organza, lace and cotton arranged into simple, feminine designs with an artistic focus on flattering the female form. Isinugben aptly titled the collection “Átómu,” the Ishan word for growth, because it served to represent her ‘exponential growth’ during the show, explaining in a statement that;

“I thought of the life of a woman and how she evolves with each stage – from infant to toddler to teenager to adulthood – and in every stage she becomes better as she appreciates her femininity, and that is what I tried to show with every piece in the look book.

This embodies what I was at the Fashion Protégé.”

Belois Couture Debut Collection

Excellently executing edgy minimalism with quality fabrics, we at SPICE are thoroughly impressed with Belois Couture’s debut range – which ou can see here in the pictures, below;

Belois Couture Debut Collection

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