Saturday, September 23, 2023

Lookbook: Crystal Birch’s 2015 “Plushie” Collection

Following a brilliant and festival-ready range of headdresses (see the “Pom Pom” collection here), South African stylist and milliner, Crystal Birch is back with the unusual “Plushie” collection.

The furry range of hats (titled after the word for a fur toy fetish) come in cool colours of grass green, black, pink, purple and blue, and are named in Furbish – the made-up language of Furbies.


Modelled by Aran Grace and shot by photographer Caroline Mackintos in a fresh and fun lookbook, the collection includes visors and bowler hats that we need on our heads, asap – especially while we plan our festival visits over the next few months.

With Team SPICE thinking all things ‘Heat’ on the site for June, we’re in love with this hot new range of hats by Crystal Birch – but see it below and let us know what you think in the comments box or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

Crystal-Birch-Plushie-Collection-1-620x930 Crystal-Birch-Plushie-Collection-61-620x930 Crystal-Birch-Plushie-Collection-51-620x921 Crystal-Birch-Plushie-Collection-121-620x932 Crystal-Birch-Plushie-Collection-41-620x930

Crystal-Birch-Plushie-Collection-111-620x868 Crystal-Birch-Plushie-Collection-101-620x899 Crystal-Birch-Plushie-Collection-21-620x837 Crystal-Birch-Plushie-Collection-91-620x914 Crystal-Birch-Plushie-Collection-71-620x931 Crystal-Birch-Plushie-Collection-81-620x930

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