Saturday, March 25, 2023

Lookbook: Duro Olowu’s Autumn/Winter’15 Collection

Top Nigerian designer, Duro Olowu is showing us how hot next season’s going to be with an amazing Autumn/Winter’15 collection calling us to ditch Summer and skip straight to Fall.

Lensed by Luis Monteiro, the range includes Olowu’s signature collision of colours and prints, with brocade, polka dot and ditzy florals combining onto voluminous, bright silhouettes – a slight departure from the talent’s previous collection (which you see caught on film, beautifully here).

We at SPICE love the look of the upcoming range and will be dreaming about donning it all Summer long. But see Duro Olowu’s Autumn/Winter’15 collection in the lookbook below and see if it has you excited for Fall, too.

duro-olowu-027-1366 duro-olowu-026-1366 duro-olowu-025-1366 duro-olowu-024-1366 duro-olowu-023-1366 duro-olowu-022-1366 duro-olowu-021-1366 duro-olowu-020-1366 duro-olowu-019-1366 duro-olowu-018-1366 duro-olowu-016-1366 duro-olowu-015-1366 duro-olowu-014-1366 duro-olowu-013-1366 duro-olowu-012-1366 duro-olowu-011-1366 duro-olowu-010-1366 duro-olowu-009-1366 duro-olowu-008-1366 duro-olowu-007-1366 duro-olowu-006-1366 duro-olowu-005-1366 duro-olowu-004-1366 duro-olowu-003-1366 duro-olowu-002-1366 duro-olowu-001-1366duro-olowu-017-1366

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