Thursday, September 28, 2023

Lookbook: I A M I S I G O’s Resort’15 “White Noise” Collection

Burning on our lust-list with a palette of black, white and brown, I A M I S I G O’s Resort’15 “White Noise” collection is both unmissable and remarkable.

According to the brand, the range of cool wears was inspired by;

“The synergy in which algorithms are used to create digital images that bring about  the pixels of a “white noise image,” which are typically arranged in a rectangular grid…”


 Artistic director, Bubu Ogis, explained;

“Going back 15 to 20 years ago, when we sat in front of the non-remote televisions then, waiting for a programme to start, all I remember was staring into the movement of the black pixels and wondering why they were confined to this box.”

Well, Mr Ogis, we at SPICE know the feeling – we’re currently sat staring at your striped Moroccan crepe, cotton and chiffon creations, and wondering why they are confined to our screens; not in our wardrobe as we’re so wishing they were.

Peep the lookbook – shot by Bernard Okulaja and modelled by Lizzie Itunuayo – below, then join us in lusting after  I A M I S I G O’s Resort’15 “White Noise” collection immediately.

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Image source: I A M I S I G O

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