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Lookbook: IAMISIGO’s A/W’15 “East of West” Collection

Following a successful showroom launch this week (read about that here), Nigerian designer and top stylist Bubu Ogisi has just released the lookbook to her brand, IAMISIGO’s Autumn/Winter’15 collection, titled “East of West.”

The range, which made its debut on the ramp at South Africa Fashion Week in Durban in May, is said to be inspired by the designer’s youth and the film Calamity Jane – a Western from the ’50s wherein the star (played by Doris Day) goes from tomboyhood to become a lady in love.

The source of inspiration would explain the shapes in the range (wide, bowing legs and boxy shapes) as well as the pieces included – trousers that flare put with shirts and tops with long sleeves, contrasted with long skirts and figure-hugging dresses, all in a palette of blue, black, white, grey and yellow.


But while the androgyny of the collection is cool and eye-catching on model Nadine O, it’s the textures that really make it, with girly-girl ruffles and crochet making up most of the lineup, falling the entire way down the legs of trousers or the length of a dress, or at their slightest, lining the pockets of a shirt.

A striking range from a superior talent, Bubu Ogisi’s “East of West” Autumn/Winter’15 collection is here below – take a look and tell us you love it too.

iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_58_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_56_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_55_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_49_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_48_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_46_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_45_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_40_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_39_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_38_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_35_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_34_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_33_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_31_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_30_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_28_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_24_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_21_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_16_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_15_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_14_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_11_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_10_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_9_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_7_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_5_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_4_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_3_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_2_CompleteFashion2015 iamisigo_East-of-West_AW15-16_1_CompleteFashion2015

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