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Lookbook: Josh & Nicol’s A/W’15 “Cosh” Collection

Brilliant brand Josh & Nicol have just revealed their Autumn/Winter’15 collection, titled “Cosh” with a showcase at New York Fashion Week, and following a love for the ‘Teddy Girl’ trend which swept the ’40s, the range is caught bringing the era back, with tomboyish cuts juxtaposed by feminine skirts.

Spied in the just-revealed lookbook (lensed by Tiff Pemberton), the models are seen as the were on the runway, rocking tailored, masculine pieces alongside simple, girly garments and baring style details like “Victory rolls” in their hair, which nods to the era the designer, Ufuoma Ekpecham was inspired by.


Speaking to, Ms Ekpecham explains;

“My inspiration was pre-WWII in the UK and the Teddy Boy era, where women were allowed to wear men’s clothing. They were so cool, and I brought those silhouettes into my collection.”

The designer, whose label was birthed in 2013 and was named after her two children, says she can see Kerry Washington wearing it on Scandal and that the collection’s title is;

“…Another name for Teddy Boys, really. I didn’t want to call it Teddy Boys or Teddy Girls, so Cosh is it.”

Navy, grey, brown and white make up the palette to Josh and Nicol’s “Cosh” collection, which we at SPICE would love to have hanging from our limbs come next season.

Take a look at the lookbook below and tell us in the comments box if you think you’ll be wearing the range when Autumn/Winter’15 arrives, too;

Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015001 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015005 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015006 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015007 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015008 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015010 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015011 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015012 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015013 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015014 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015015 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015016 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015017 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015018 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015020 Josh-Nicol-COSH-Collection-Lookbook-Bellanaija-February2015021

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