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Lookbook: Loza Maléombho’s “Zaouli” Collection for S/S’16

Ivorian designer and all round creative, Loza Maléombho has just revealed an eclectic new collection entitled “Zaouli,” intended for Spring/Summer’16.

The designer, who stars in H&M’s “Close the Loop” campaign (see it here), was inspired by her homeland and the culture of one of its tribes, and said of the range;

“Just like AW15 this collection, explores the culture of Zaouli dancers from the Guro tribe of Northern Côte d’Ivoire.

With fringe trimmings and a mask figure peaking in a very stylised fashion within the structures of some of the garments, this collection is sensual in the sense that it is inspired by Djela Lou Zaouli, a Guro princess who was re-known for her desiring beauty and for dancing very graciously.

The silhouettes are more feminine than they have ever been in past collections.”


Team SPICE love the palette, the fringed trimmings and the Kente fabrics included, plus the way it’s all sold to us via a fresh and fun lookbook that merges the traditional and trendy.

But see Loza Maleombho’s Spring/Summer’16 “Zaouli” collection here below, plus a short video she shared to Instagram showing the Guro tribe’s dance that inspired it.

Never gets old #ZAOULI #GUROTRIBE #COTEDIVOIRE #TraditionalSwag

A video posted by Loza Maléombho (@lozamaleombho) on



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Video & image source: @Lozamaleombho, Vogue.it

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