Sunday, October 1, 2023

Lookbook: Maki Oh’s Spring’15 Collection

As SPICE celebrates a month of Independence inline with Nigeria’s 54th anniversary this month, we’re pleased to find designer Amaka Osakwe was focused on a similar theme, revealing her virgin-inspired Spring’15 collection to

Having told the site that she’d interpreted the original meaning of the word ‘virgin’ – “a woman who had left her parents’ home, was unbetrothed, and could take any lover she pleased,” it seems the designer’s play with feminine independence has resulted in a beautiful, inescapable line of printed, asymmetrical ensembles in blues, whites and pinks that’ll lead you to overlook Autumn/Winter in a hurry.

Perfectly-cut silhouettes include elbow length, tee-shaped sleeves, pleats that bare to one side and pieces clad in vulva Adire print – a talking point, should you need another one from the range. And, with everything amounting to an eclectic, eye-trapping combination of cool and creativity that’s sure to set us up nicely for sheer style independence, avoiding seasonal trends to scream Maki Oh at top volume, we at SPICE are already longing for a piece or two for our new season wears.

Find out if Maki Oh’s Spring’15 collection calls for your wardrobe too, below;

Maki_Oh_002_1366 Maki_Oh_003_1366 Maki_Oh_005_1366 Maki_Oh_004_1366 Maki_Oh_001_1366 Maki_Oh_006_1366 Maki_Oh_007_1366 Maki_Oh_008_1366 Maki_Oh_009_1366 Maki_Oh_010_1366 Maki_Oh_011_1366 Maki_Oh_012_1366 Maki_Oh_013_1366 Maki_Oh_014_1366 Maki_Oh_015_1366 Maki_Oh_016_1366 Maki_Oh_017_1366 Maki_Oh_018_1366

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