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SPICE Talks to McMeka on Their S/S’15 “Classist” Collection & Love of Fashion

First seen on the 2014 Africa Fashion Week New York runway, during the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer’15 presentations, menswear label McMeka‘s “The Classist” collection is a fine one from the brand well known for its opulent craftsmanship.

In the just-released lookbook for the Spring/Summer’15 range, styled by Jakpa Bawo and Somto Nwachukwu, we can see a whole heap of new pieces that Team SPICE will be pining for – from the grid print two pieces to the boldly-hued garments in blue, red and green, which are well sold on models Paul Isaiah Maga, Francis Nwodu and Ronald Agbazagan.

And, while we are busy celebrating our ‘love of fashion’ here on the site this month and lusting after that of McMeka’s, the label’s designer, Rodney Emeka spoke to us about the moment he fell for the industry and where his infatuation with it will take him next.

Read our short interview and see McMeka’s new “Classist” collection, below;

McMeka SS15 Ad Campiagn 2

SPICE: Hi Mr Emeka! Love your new collection. Please tell us what inspired it?

Rodney Emeka: “Men whose conflicting personalities do not meddle with the unified school of thought; men socially bound by a cause, whose appearance journey through time reflecting the past, the present and the future of menswear. Men with a clear-cut point of view, a movement of ambitious dandy men staging a forceful come back to power the rise and rise of sartorial elegance.

Why did you chose to showcase this collection in New York first?

Being selected by SPICE TV to showcase my pieces at the NYFW, I decided to debut my S/S’15 collection in New York as it’s one of the world fashion capitals – I knew it was gonna be a bigger and better platform for the brand, showcasing our designs to a different market that isn’t Nigeria.

McMeka SS15 Look 1 McMeka SS15 Look 2 McMeka SS15 Look 3 McMeka SS15 Look 4

What was the reception like?

The reception was great, warm and amazing. I was blown away by the really good reviews given to the collection. I guess it creates some sort [of] acceptance into a new community and also an aura of belonging into the world of fashion.

McMeka SS15 Look 5 McMeka SS15 Look 6 McMeka SS15 Look 7

We’re dwelling on our ‘love of fashion’ this month on the site. Tell us, what made you fall in love with fashion?

I started watching my mum cut patterns and make her own dress [and] at the end she looked pretty good in them. She makes for her clients and they love it too. To me that’s a point I started falling for and loving fashion. As a teenager, over the years it grew and now finally [it is] what I find myself doing.

McMeka SS15 Look 8 McMeka SS15 Look 9 McMeka SS15 Look 10 McMeka SS15 Look 11 McMeka SS15 Look 12 McMeka SS15 Look 13 McMeka SS15 Look 14 McMeka SS15 Look 15 McMeka SS15 Look 16 McMeka SS15 Look 17 McMeka SS15 Look 18 McMeka SS15 Look 19

What’s next for Rodney Emeka?
Being the best I can be and seeing the brand attain a greater height.

McMeka SS15 Look 20

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