Monday, October 2, 2023

Lookbook: O’Eclat’s “Edition Nouveau” Spring/Summer’15 Collection

As we at SPICE begin a month thinking on ‘Rejuvenation, what with it being a new month and all, we’re delighted to have discovered the lookbook to Nigerian accessories label O’Eclat, whose “Edition Nouveau“ collection has the type of cool we could do with for freshening up our wardrobe.

Boasting all sorts of bags crafted from indigenous aso-oke, tie-dye and exotic leathers, the range’s designer, Gbemmy Johnson cites shopping itself as her inspirations, explaining;

“Every woman will attest to the rigorous task of selecting what bag to carry, and to what occasion it would be appropriate for. The restlessness this erupts is erased with this collection, as every piece has been designed and crafted with a strong instinct of what a lady seeks for, when trying to decide what bag to suit what outfit.“


“I understand that a lady is always excited about a new piece of arm candy; and from work bags to evening clutches and weekend holdalls, she can find the perfect handbag to suit every style and occasion with this new handbag collection.”

With bags in all shades and sizes tempting our urge to rejuvenate our Spring/Summer wardrobe, we at SPICE suggest you shop the line before we snap up every  one of O’Eclat’s “Edition Nouveau” bags – but why not window shop the lookbook here below, first;

Oeclat-Edition-Nouveau-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015001  Oeclat-Edition-Nouveau-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015003 Oeclat-Edition-Nouveau-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015004 Oeclat-Edition-Nouveau-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015005 Oeclat-Edition-Nouveau-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015006 Oeclat-Edition-Nouveau-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015007 Oeclat-Edition-Nouveau-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015008 Oeclat-Edition-Nouveau-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015009 Oeclat-Edition-Nouveau-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015011 Oeclat-Edition-Nouveau-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015012 Oeclat-Edition-Nouveau-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015013Oeclat-Edition-Nouveau-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015010

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