Saturday, February 4, 2023

Lookbook: Seraka’s A/W’14 Collection, “Alien Cartoon”

Senegalese fashion designer and stylist, Selly Raby Kane has released the lookbook for her autumn/winter’14 collection, “Alien Cartoon,” revealing another fantastic set of creations laced in the her brand Seraka’s signature style.

Said to be inspired by thoughts of an ‘invaded African city, where naïve and fantastic creatures would evolve among human beings,’ the high impact pieces pack a punch for whatever you were expecting to wear next season.

Below is what’s next for your wardrobe, according to Selly – a near certainty if you’re a follower of Seraka or Selly’s endeavours in fashion, or if you’re apart of the bubbling underground fashion scene in Dakar.


Look_Book_7 22_Look_Book_12

Look_Book_23 21_Look_Book_16 20_Look_Book_15 19_Look_Book_14 18_Look_Book_13 17_Look_Book_19 16_Look_Book_18


15_Look_Book_17 14_Look_Book_11 13_Look_Book_10 12_Look_Book_9 Look_Book_5 Look_Book_21 Look_Book_7 Look_Book_24 Look_Book_22 Look_Book_3 Look_Book_1

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