Friday, June 9, 2023

#Lookbook: Simon & Mary’s 2016 “Safari” Collection

South African hat label Simon & Mary have just revealed their new “Safari” collection lookbook, which sees models on some sort of stylish quest, outback.

Shot by photographer Travys Owen with wardrobe design by Gabrielle Kannemeyer, models Nicolas Van Graan, Caitlin Lamb, Siya Andi Biyela, Ciaran Slemon and Shakes Fatman look like standout parts of the scenery in a beautiful, natural landscape, stood amid the fauna in the label’s new headgear.


We are in love with the resulting shots and this take on safari-esque fashion, pulled together here via Ms Kannemeyer’s billowing silhouettes in a palette of khaki, beige and brown, plus flat pockets and Simon & Mary’s hats.

See the “Safari” collection lookbook here below and let us know which picture has you ready to hunt down a Simon & Mary hat for your wardrobe.

TO_SimonMary_201516644_LOGO-935x1329 TO_SimonMary_201516892-935x1403 TO_SimonMary_201518763-935x1403 TO_SimonMary_201519146-935x1126 TO_SimonMary_201517290-935x1403 TO_SimonMary_201516765-935x1176 TO_SimonMary_201518616-935x1197 TO_SimonMary_201517990-935x1194 TO_SimonMary_201517714-935x1126 TO_SimonMary_201518184-935x1100 TO_SimonMary_201519061-935x538 TO_SimonMary_201517636-935x1126 TO_SimonMary_201517482-935x623-2 TO_SimonMary_201517482-935x623 TO_SimonMary_201517839-935x1126 TO_SimonMary_201517835-935x1305 TO_SimonMary_201517361-935x1403 TO_SimonMary_201517037-935x1126 TO_SimonMary_201518759-935x1137 TO_SimonMary_201519113-935x1244

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