Monday, June 5, 2023

Lookbook: Xclamations’ “Head Turners” Collection

As we begin thinking about ‘fresh starts’ and all things ‘new,’ Nigerian label Xclamations presents its new collection, titled “Head Turners” – a potently colourful range of womenswear one would do well to be seen wearing this year.

Packed with rich prints, vibrant hues and silhouettes shaped to flatter, the collection, according to the designer, Tomi Rotimi, is an ode to;

“The dynamic Nigerian woman, turning heads and hearts her way.”

We at SPICE can’t say we disagree and love everything from the patterned garments to the artistic theme of the lookbook.

Find it all below and see if you can resist adding a piece from Xclamations’ “Head Turners” collection to your New Year wardrobe;

Headturners 2 Headturners 3 Headturners 4 Headturners 5 Headturners 6 Headturners 7 Headturners 8 Headturners 9 Headturners 10 Headturners 11 Headturners 12 Headturners 13 Headturners 14 Headturners 15 Headturners 16 Headturners 17 Headturners 18 Headturners 19 Headturners 20 Headturners 21


Headturners 1


Image source: Redrick Pr

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