Tuesday, October 3, 2023

L’Oréal Launches “Makeup Genius” App, Allowing Customers to Experiment with their Beauty

French makeup brand, L’Oreal Paris has revealed an innovative new app that allows potential customers to trial its products before committing to buy – a new platform that makes beauty shopping possible without the need to head to your nearest counter.

The new app, called “Makeup Genius” provides over 300 products from L’Oreal’s makeup collection of eyeshadows, lip colours and mascaras, which users can ‘try on’ via its use of augmented reality. Using the front camera of users’ phones or tablets as a ‘mirror,’ people can select the products and shades they’d like to try, and the app will carefully apply them to the right places of the face by clever mapping technology that recognises the difference between the skin on the eyes, lips and cheeks.

In fact, the new L’Oréal Makeup Genius app recognises 64 pivotal places on the face, works on all ethnicities and allows for 400 different lighting situations, and you can even move your face around as if you were looking into a real mirror, admiring your reflection.


More clever than the brand’s fun “Color Genius” app, which allows users to upload pictures of their outfits and seek beauty products to match their look, the brand describes this brilliant new platform as “the first connected beauty digital innovation” and, with the added bonus of being able to scan product barcodes from the brand’s products while out shopping, to immediately try them out through the app, we at SPICE suspect the venture to be a complete success.

Try the Makeup Genius app now, via free download (available in the US, France and China), here and see a video on its production, below;

Video & image source: Loreal.com

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