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Luxury Body Creams For The Rich

When you have enough money in your account, we are talking, a decent amount of money in your account after paying your bills, and saved up for rainy days and what not, then spending roughly a thousand dollars on your body cream every 2-3 months shouldn’t be a problem.

If you wonder why the rich and famous have skin as smooth as pearls and diamonds, it is probably because their body cream contains these ingredients and many other rare and expensive ingredients that leaves the skin with no other choice than to act and look perfect.

We give you three of the most expensive body creams in the market.


  1. Babor SeaCreation Cream.

This skin wonder costs $861 for a 50ml bottle and contains ingredients like micro organisms gotten from the deep sea, and green caviar algae. According to their website, SeaCreation is Babor’s “luxury anti-aging skincare range containing precious active ingredients obtained from the deep sea.” This product is said to reduce premature aging and give the skin a firmer and more defined appearance.

luxury body creams babor seaCreation

  1. Estee lauder Re-Nutriv Ultra Diamond Transformativ.

luxury body cream estee lauder re- nutriv ultra diamond transformative

The creation of this luxury skin cream by American manufacturer and luxury skin care brand Estee Lauder. The product is said to “transport you to a new realm of luxury”. The product is infused with Black Diamond Truffle, one of nature’s rarest treasures.  For a body cream that contains diamonds, there is no doubting the potency of the product. Priced at $495 for 50ml.


  1. Natural Bisse Diamond Collection

luxury body cream natura bisse diamond

This award winning beauty brand is known for their luxurious skin care products, some of which is used by Beyonce. The Diamond collection has diamonds and other ingredients like, Artemia Salina and its extraordinary power to infuse skin with energy, regenerating and protecting it against cellular aging. The price of this product ranges between $75 to as high as $750.

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