Monday, May 29, 2023

Luxury E-Pen Brand SHIQUE London to Launch in Nigeria’s Most Exclusive Night Clubs

London-based electronic cigarette brand, SHIQUE London – with their stylish selection of cocktail flavoured, nicotine-free e-cigarettes – has its sights set on sweeping the Nigerian market, bringing its luxury product to the finest clubs in town.


Pitting Nigeria’s biggest and boldest after dark venues in a head-to-head competition, SHIQUE is seeking clubs that are special enough to host their introduction to the African continent, announcing that they will be selecting the 10 most ‘exclusive’ spots in Nigeria to stock its products.

The winning 10 will enjoy exclusive access to the luxury line of SHIQUE’s specially flavoured e-pens before they are made available to the general market.


According to SHIQUE’s CEO, Andrew Tayo;

”This product is all about taste and exclusivity, something that Nigerians value more than any other people.  Our initial introduction to the Nigerian market has given us reason to think that the demand for SHIQUE London is going to greatly outweigh what we initially had planned for our launch.  It’s all very exciting!”


We’ll look forward to finding the flavoursome results of the competition in our favourite nightclubs.

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