Thursday, June 8, 2023

MAC Announces New Line of Mood-Changing Lip Balms, “Tendertalk”

Continuing the ongoing obsession with the ’90s, which seems to be sweeping across pop culture right now, Mac have announced a new line of lip balms inspired by mood rings – the fun jewels that most millennials will remember from their youth.

In a similar fashion to the rings, the new “Tendertalk” balms claim to change colour after application, depending on your mood, though no word yet on exactly what hue they change to when you’re feeling happy, sad or just plain fed up of being stuck in traffic.


The range is available in five shades that range from peach to purply-pink, and will launch on June 16th 2016. Be ready to move quickly with your purchase though, as we expect this limited edition collection will sell out fast!

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