Sunday, October 1, 2023

MAC Is Launching Throwback Lipsticks

Two things are often bound to happen when you see MAC cosmetics in the news.


  1. Something amazing is about to hit the market


  1. it’s time to gather your coins, because you lost certainly won’t be able to resist the new collection.


mac throwback lipsticks


MAC’s new announcement is definitely good news for the real OG’s and those of us who often find ourselves yearning for the goodness of the past.



mac throwback lipsticks and eyeshadow


The brand has launched a Throwbacks collection which will be bringing back all your old favorite lipstick and eye shadow shades like Marrakesh, Bronx, Uninterrupted, and Kid. This line is part of the brand’s permanent collection, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on reuniting with all your OGs. On the lip front, Throwbacks includes matte, frost, and satin finishes. Sans one metallic, the duochrome bronze Spanish Fly, the lippies lie in the red or pink color family.


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