Thursday, March 23, 2023

MAC x Jeremy Scott Are Launching A New Collection

If the New Year has you feeling nostalgic then MAC’s new mega collaboration will you have you excited for days. The new MAC x Jeremy Scott collection is not just for people feeling nostalgic, it is also for people who have lost all hope on ever getting their hands on a MAC x Jeremy Scott product. Considering the fact that the last collection was supper limited and difficult for just anybody to lay their hands on.

new MAC collection ft jeremy scott


The design for the new collection is supper pretty and artsy. It comes in cute mix tape and boombox inspired packaging. The collection has three sets that focus on lips, eyes and cheeks.

Lo-Fi eyeshadow palette, which we like to call the star of the collection, has 29 eyeshadows in different shades and finishes. There are Mattes, Frosts, Satins, Lustres, and VLXPs.


jeremy scott x mac collection


The Future Emotion lipstick palette hosts nine shades in the Amplified and Matte textures. The range also includes the Acoustica three-pan blush palette

The only sad part about this Makeup x Fashion mashup is that this collection is also limited edition. The collection will be available in select stores and MAC websites from the 8th of February.

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