Monday, June 5, 2023

Marley Dias Is The Most Famous 12-Year-Old Of The Year

12 year-old Marley Dias is a published Author, Activist and Feminist, that gained the attention of the world in 2017,after she launched her viral #1000blackgirlsbook campaign in 2015.

The Philadelphia born power girl started her #1000blackgirlsbooks campaign after realising the lack of black girls as protagonists in the literature books she read in school. Most of which were about “white boys and dogs”.




With the help of her friends Briana and Amina, she was able to raise 9000 books, as opposed to the initial 1000 target books, with female characters. The said books were sent to book drives across the United States and Jamaica.At the Forbes Women Summit which held in New York City Marley Dias spoke about her beliefs and hopes for the future.

marley dias becomes youngest forbes under 30 person in 2017


“This gaps hurts all of us,” Dias said Tuesday. “I’m working to create a space where it feels easy to include and imagine black girls and make black girls like me the main characters of our lives.”

Marley Dias has appeared on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and co-host of the Girls Can Do Program. She interviewed people like Misty Copeland and Ava Duvernay for She has become the websıte’s youngest editor.

Her book “Marley Dias Gets It Done… So Can You” will hit the shelves in January 2018.

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