Saturday, September 23, 2023

Meet Lyn Slater, The 64 Year Old College Professor With A Je Ne Sais Quoi Style

Fashion as no rules, no age limit, no skin color, no body size, its diverse and that is exactly what this 64 year old college professor in New York has taught us.  There is something so  je ne sais quoi  about her.

Fashion has been made to fit into a certain age bracket, hence, society assumes that the older you get, the less fashionable you become but that is not true in all sincerity, the older you get the more you realize what works for you, the older you get the more your personal styles revolves and you start making choices that actually truly suits your personality, and this does not have to be boring.

Lyn Slater should be your goals, especially this millennial generation, asides from being a style influence, Slater has shown that truly indeed you can achieve what ever you set out to do irrespective of your age. Age should never be a barrier because truly indeed, its just a number(OK i think we have motivated enough, to catch up on all our motivation publications, CLICK HERE).

A lot of companies are delving more into the path o using the older generation for some of their fashion campaigns, this is definitely coming at the right time. The older generation accounts for 40 percent sales from the fashion industry yet they seem to be ignored in a way, the older generation have more spending power than the millennial yet all the campaigns are always made to suit the millennial.

Lyn Slater refuses to accept that her life ended when she turned a certain age, she told this to Business of Fashion ““When I was young, we were burning bras, we were getting high all the time and we dated all the time. Why do you think we would accept that our life ends when we turn a certain age?” The The 64 year old id living the life that most influencers dream of, she goes by the names “Accidental Icon” on Instagram and has consistently gained a lot of followers and been an inspiration to thousands of people as she is currently closing in on 600,000 followers on Instagram.

This Style Icon has worked for companies such as Valentino, Uniqlo, and various advertising companies, Slater adorns herself in ANYTHING FROM JW Anderson to Balanciaga and a host of others, in 2014 the rare gem began blogging, this got her into a lot of collaborations with fashion brands such as Mango, who hired her to reach beyond its mostly younger customer base, the impact of that campaign was extraordinary.

The next you decide to wear your Balenciaga Platform crocks, or you Fenty quirky heels, or maybe join the mis matched shoe trend, just do it, because Slater has taught us so. She definitely has a style sisterhood bound with Ana Wintor.

“Greynnaisance” is definitely a trend we should watch out for, it is here to stay and I see my self with some high platform crocks, sipping a glass of white wine while wearing some Gucci slides and my pair of quirky sunglasses, this is possible because “Greynnaisance” is a thing and Fashion like i said earlier has no rules, so follow none.



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