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Meet the artist and Angolan President’s son Coréon Dú talking about style in ‘Bangalogia’

José Eduardo Paulino dos Santos, son to longtime Angolan president José Eduardo dos Santos is an artiste and director known as Coréon Dú. In his latest documentary titled ‘Bangalogia’, the artist does a rather convincing job of explaining why ‘Angolan vanity’ is, in fact, something to celebrate. Many say “Angolans are the vainest people in the world.”

“Banga,” from “Bangalogia” is the Angolan term for swag or style, is examined in detail in Jose’s documentary.

Jose. Picture: Patrice De Lemos
Jose. Picture: SDR / Simon Denier.

Jose asking to Aaron Leaf of OkayAfrica said:

“Because, see an African almost anywhere in the world, and you’ll notice that there’s some sort of fashion statement happening. Even if we’re not trying. The way you dress is an expression of Banga. But the way you talk is an expression of Banga. As is, the way you cook. Basically, whatever is strongest in your personality will come out in that role.”

He also helps to explain who the word ‘Banga’ came about:

“One of the Bantu languages in the region. There are some commonalities between Angola and the Congo, since at one point it was all one kingdom. I’m part Bakongo, because my mom’s family is from the North of Angola. There are some tribes that are the same, but now, since one side has Portuguese influence, the other side has Belgian, and the other one are French, some cultural differences started happening. But a lot of things are very similar.”

Read the full excerpts of his interview with OkayAfrica.

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