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Melodia|The Unclad Series

 What comes to mind when you think of Feminine Contemporary  Chic is Melodia. The brand blessed us with their earthy new collection which is called “The Unclad Series.” Melodia Ebete, the Head Designer of Melodia put together a collection that is everything a lady needs in her closet. The crepe dresses have 3D cut out appliques that represents the sophisticated woman who wants to look poise and very elegant. In a recent Interview with the head designer of Melodia, she Opened up to Spice TV correspondent about all the details of the collection and her brand, See Interview below


  • How did you come about the Name Melodia?

Response: The brand name Melodia, is my first name. The name was chosen because I wanted something that could represent me and represent what I could wear. Although, I had always used Stitches By Melodia, but I really just wanted something that would stand out without adding the generic word ‘stitches’ to it.

 Melodia Look book

  • What is the inspiration, style, and influence behind your latest collection?

Response: The inspiration and influence behind the latest collection, THE UNCLAD SERIES, is the African woman and their beautiful skin. Every woman in Africa has been blessed with different shades of color and i wanted to bring that into life using some of the most common fabrics used in the fashion industry.

 Melodia Look book

  • How long did it take for you to put this entire collection together?

Response: The entire collection took over 2 months to make. Sourcing for the fabrics, getting the right models, the right photographer and trying to create the perfect set were the major challenges.

 Melodia Look book

  • Tell us who your fashion superhero’s are, and why.

Response: Right now, that would have to be Og of STYLE TEMPLE and the reason why I would say she is my fashion superhero, is because she is EXTREMELY creative , she can literally bring anything to life. She is my mentor and someone I have learned from over the years.

 Melodia Look book

  • What age demo graph will you say your brand appeals to?

Response: My brand appeals to ALL ‘modern day’ ladies. MELODIA is a brand that has somewhat tried to cater for the needs of women when it comes to clothing. So, I would say, if you see yourself as a modern day lady, then YES, my brand should appeal to you.

 Melodia Look book

  • Tell us about the birth of Melodia?

Response: The birth of Melodia, I would say, is a straightforward one. The thought of designing clothes for ladies, started right after I left school in 2012. This was just about a little girl who wasn’t ready to work for anyone and decided to carve a niche for herself. I had some training for about 1 year and went for further training with one of the best minds in the fashion industry. The birth of the brand Melodia came into play after that training.

 Melodia Look book

  • How will you describe your designs?

Response: My designs can be described as Chic, classy and contemporary. The designs are mostly done whilst putting the working class lady in mind. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that we are not thinking about other women as well, so usually, we have clothes that should and could be in any woman’s wardrobe.

 Melodia Look book

  • Which piece do you consider to be your best in the entire collection?

Response: Oh, that is really hard to pick, considering the fact that they were made by me, but if I was to really pick? It would be the dark brown with the tiny strap and the 3d panel crepe at the bottom.

 Melodia Look book

  • What will you say is the biggest rookie mistake you made in the early stages of your career?

Response: I made tons of mistake when I started this exciting journey. Not Accounting for the money spent, was my major challenge for a while and sometimes I still fall off track. If I could do a major throwback, I will put that in check, probably before anything else.

 Melodia Look book

  • Tell us about yourself, and where you see yourself in 5 years.

Response: My name is Melodia Ebete, I am a fast rising Nigerian Designer, and a detail-oriented problem solver. I love to make smart outfits for ladies who are ready to take over the world just by looking good. In 5years time, I see myself and my brand, of course in the African and International market, I see myself creating jobs for people in Nigeria and the whole of Africa. Also, I see myself teaching people about the business side of Fashion.

 Melodia Look book

 Melodia Look book


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