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Men And The Classes Of Food

Remember when you were first introduced to the classes of nutrients, either in your science or home economics class, and you had to memorize them? Good old days right?
Now let’s see how characteristics of these classes can also be used in describing men’s nature:
The protein Dudes

They’ve got the looks, the attitude, and of course the sauce. The thing about them is: they know you want them, in some cases need them and this makes majority of them erm… what’s the perfect word? Shallow? Vain? Eureka! I just had an epiphany! Proud! That is the word! These folks hardly come chasing after any girl because they know they are the perfect spice. Which is not totally a bad thing yeah? Their charisma is considered a turn on by a lot of girls. And of course, unintentionally it may be sometimes, these guys cannot help but gloat. If you eventually get lucky and get them to put their ego aside, then bless you. But know this: you would really want to hold on tight because it just might be a bumpy ride.

The carbohydrate Blokes


Well… well… Well… I believe it is common knowledge that carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body and without them, we really can’t function right. We also know how deadly an overdose could be. Sure we do! Carbohydrate blokes are INSTANT CHARMERS; totally lovable and hardly resistible. You know keeping them around for long can be dangerous, but you still do, because being with them is challenging and exciting. They are adrenaline junkies who live life by the day. Carbohydrate blokes are the perfect example of the guys Mama warned you stay away from, if you don’t want to get your dear heart broken. In plain words Carb guys are BAD BOYS.

The fat Guys

Davido News
They are really attractive smooth talkers, the Casanovas. You know you don’t want them around because you already know how toxic they can be, you know they are no good for you. Just like the carb blokes, they are the type of guys Mama hit the buzzers for. They spell danger and excitement, but resisting them is almost impossible. Although, if you are lucky enough to tame them and clip their wild wings, then it’s all smooth sailing.

The vitamin Lads

They are usually the tamed ones. They keep you at your best behavior ALL THE TIME and are quite strict. They are ambitious and really focused. These types of guys don’t have time to play around; straight forward and detailed. They mostly come off as arrogant, but bear in mind that they have their wild sides and all you need to do is get comfortable around them and just maybe, you could get them to open up to you.
The mineral Honks

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These type of men require a lot of effort. Only the patient and attentive can get to know them. You need to be around them, know their likes and dislikes before you decide to be with them, especially if you are looking forward to being in a serious relationship.
The water Men

They are the happiest and most down to earth. They remind you of the cute guy next door, the class clown, your best friend, the guy you have a crush on and Mr. Fix it, all rolled into one. They always have your best interest at heart and will go the extra mile to make you happy.

The fiber Geezers

They are not exactly the love at first sight type of guys. They mostly lack those physical features that make you drool. They are supper smart though, and once you let them in, you tend to realize how sweet they are. The chances of being hurt by guys like this are chances are pretty slim and most importantly they ain’t going nowhere if you treat them right. But be warned! They have a pretty nasty side if you push them to the edge.

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