Monday, October 2, 2023

Miss Nigeria Chioma Obiadi on Fashion 360 Exclusive

Meet Chioma Obiadi, 4oth Miss Nigeria 2016, who is passionate about the environment alongside being a beauty queen. She is the perfect description of beauty and brains. Chioma Obiadi,  is currently a 300 level student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University in the department of Geology, is living a life worth emulating.


The striking fact about this beauty queen is her goals and aspirations and how she has been able to work towards that. In an exclusive interview with our Fashion 360 hosts, Esso and Valerie, she gave a detailed description on how she had always wanted to be a beauty queen. All her plans had gone well, until she lost Miss Anambra contest to her colleague in 2015, according to her, this opened her to so many experiences, she finally realized that life was not a bed of roses and you couldn’t always have it all. Miss Chioma Obiadi chose Miss Nigeria Beauty queen contest because unlike the rest, beauty queens are selected based on intellectual capabilities than just physical appearance, now you know why we say she is cranium (meaning beauty and brains). Miss Chioma Obiadi is presently on a project called Green Girl Project; this project is aimed at empowering young women to become agents of sustainable environment in Nigeria. “With the Green-Girl Project, she will be engaging young people and girls in schools/communities across Nigeria,’’ the statement said.

She sees environmental problem’s as serious as financial issues, she went further to say that 40 million people out of 180 million people in Nigeria are being affected by dysentery, diarrhea, and cancer by just water pollution alone, three thousand and three hundred and fifty hectares of land are being in Northern Nigeria is being lost to desertification, thousands of lives and properties are being lost to erosion in Eastern Nigeria, in the South South Region  and the Niger Delta region, children are born with defects, women have serial miscarriages, terminal illnesses because of the soothe in the air, this is not a battle for the government but our battle, she concludes.

40th Miss Nigeria is definitely and embodiment of beauty, smart, savvy, and passionate individual. She disseminates words of wisdom and knowledge, dropping key gems on the show. Girl you deserve being a beauty queen over and over again.

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