Thursday, September 21, 2023

Missguided Creates Mannequins with Vitiligo, Stretch Marks, and Freckles

The fashion and beauty industry is gradually making efforts when it comes to inclusiveness in the industry. Although this long overdue acceptance is just finally getting the right attention, we still celebrate brands who are involved in making diversity a huge part of what they represent.

British fashion label Missguided, has launched four new mannequins and they are nothing like you have ever seen from a major fashion brand. The new mannequins have totally relatable features like stretch marks, different skin tones, a hijabee, freckles and Vitiligo.



missguided body positivity mannequins



This might seem like a random act, but we assure you that it is 7 planets far away from being just another basic attempt towards inclusiveness and diversity. People with these features can now walk around or past the mall and feel a sense of love because there is something that represents their conditions and beliefs.


missguided new mannequins


The new mannequins are part of Missguided’s “commitment to inspire self-love and to encourage buyers to be yourself, be confident in your own skin, celebrate your flaws, take risks and own it and f*ck being perfect,” Missguided said in a statement to Buzz Feed.


missguided mannequines with stretchmarks


It is no wonder people love and appreciate brands like Missguided. This isn’t the brands first solidarity towards diversity and inclusiveness. The brand has also stopped photoshoping their models for ads and campaigns since last year. They also featured models with stretch marks and cellulites in their most recent campaign titled #MakeYourMark.

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