Saturday, April 1, 2023

Mix My Foundation Challenge Is The New Viral Challenge For YouTubers

One of the major things we live for are internet challenges. We love them mainly because we get to some of our favorite people at their goofiest moments. The challenge itself is another discussion on its own; most times we are left wondering “who even came up with these challenges”.


mix my foundation youtube challenge


But the latest challenge rocking the world of beauty vlogers across YouTube is the mix my foundation challenge. It is basically what you think it is. Wild, right? So you have your favorite beauty vloggers mixing all the foundation they have in their collection together and applying it on their faces to reveal the final result.


We get that people mix about 2-3 different foundations together in order to meet their perfect skin shade, which is perfectly normal. But when you are tasked with mixing 20-30 different shades of foundation together for a look then we can only hope for the worst. Remember that different foundations vary from skin shade, undertones and finishes, so mixing it all together is definitely going to be interesting. Top YouTubers like Manny MUA, Safiya Nygaard,  Nyma Tang, Laura lee and Manny MUA didn’t miss out on the challenge and the results are really a must see.


mixing all my foundation challenge


Interestingly enough, most of the Youtubers have had positive outcomes. “I think this held up really nicely, you guys should all give it a try if you haven’t already,” said Tang. Manny MUA on the other hand deemed the final product “the foundation to end all foundations”.

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