Monday, May 29, 2023

Model Spotlight|Uju Marshall

The fashion industry is filled with a lot of arms, everyone needs each other to survive, if you ever thought models were irrelevant in the fashion industry then you thought wrong. Manikins are great but could they bring life to your fashion films?  I bet they won’t strut the runway for you and make your pieces look as stunning as they should, wait until you have to shoot a fashion film or run a campaign.

Uju Marshall Nwobodoh formally referred to as Uju Marshall is one of Nigeria’s top models that have continuously made a mark and built a distinctive brand for herself. The 6ft melanin fro goddess who is inspired by liu wen struts the runway with so much charisma and a fierce expression that interprets the outfits she puts on.

Uju Marshall has walked at Lagos Fashion and Design Week for six consecutive years, this year alone she brought so much life to a number by Gertjohancoetzee. According to the super model she loves being a model and is always excited to walk the runway, she definitely intends to keep growing in the fashion business in general.


For a model who has been in the modelling industry for up to a decade, she speaks on how there has been a lot of changes in the Modelling Industry “Models are well treated now, better than ten years ago, people now understand the business of fashion, that fashion is not just a hobby but a profession. Everyone involved, the models and designers really understand what is required of them, there are proper castings, proper fittings, a lot of time to rehearse and rest before hitting the runway”

Uju made her thoughts clear as regards challenges faced by models “The industry needs ti grow to an extent were there would be more jobs for models rather than waiting around for fashion shows annually, I know its a gradual process, but more campaigns, more fashion shows, more companies coming into the industry were models can also be brand ambassadors for companies”.



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