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Moments At The HLFDW17 Day 1

The very much anticipated Heineken Lagos Design And Fashion Week officially began on the 25th and as expected it was filled with hearty fashion lovers who were anticipating the runway looks from their favorite designers. This year’s event was held at the new Eko Atlantic, with a rather familiar setup. The front row seats were filled up with the likes of Temi Otedola, representatives from Vogue, Somkele Iyama, Ubi Franklin, and many more.


The designers who showcased definitely brought their A game and the crowd was quick to show appreciations by giving standing ovations and loud round of applause. Fashion favorites like Style Temple, Eki Orleans, Johnson-Johnson, O’milua, Titi Bello, Ugo Monye, Morafa, JZO, and Ejiro Amos Tafiri showcased their collection on the first day.

lfdw titi bello runway

The most memorable part of the show has to be the little fire outbreak, caused by reasons unknown to us during Ugo Monye’s collection display. While the electrical team were busy trying to fix the problem, his display was cut short and a number of guests hurried out of the event. But order was restored in less than 3 minutes and the show was back.

lfdw runway 2017 morafa


lfdw runway ugo monye pieces

Although Ugo money has to start all over again, the crowd showed support as the models got back on the runway. His collection was just beautiful. One of the pieces had a dash of nostalgia to it, as the model walked down the run way in a beautiful kaftan, accessorized with a neck piece and cap that reminded us of Eddy Murphy in coming to America. The entire look was one that reminded and represented the sophisticated stylish modern man.

Another memorable event was Style Temples collection. Dedicated to hardworking women like “her mother and herself”. Beyonce’s hit song Who Run The World, was the theme song for her collection, and she got a lot of cheering and a standing ovation from majority of the audience. The collection spoke power.

lfdw style temple

We did save the best for last and so did the planners of HLFDW. Ejiro Amos Tafiri’s collection was “knock your socks off” good. The pieces were elegant, well thought through and a perfect representation of the modern fashion lover.


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lfdw runway day 1 morafa


lfdw runway style temple


lfdw style temple day 1


lfdw runway day 1 titibello


lfdw runway day 1 titibello


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