Monday, October 2, 2023

Monday Mantra|Everything Is Possible

Who would have thought that one day a black woman would be a princess in a white land, who would have thought that the mother in-law of a white prince would be a black woman, who would have thought that a black priest would give a sermon in a white cathedral, who would have thought that a black woman would one day make history by changing the norm.

Hence, we truly believe that everything is possible. Not only did Meghan Markle walk down  the aisle with prince Charles but she married a man younger in age than her, not only did she wear the ring of princess Diana  but she carried the flowers that payed tribute to her late mother in-law,  she broke all the rules and so we believe that truly everything is possible.

This black lady had the whole world talking about her, after a failed marriage, she got to be a princess, she did that, and you can do more. Do not let your present situation put you down, or make you conclude on your future because everything is possible.

Remember, keep doing what you are doing, keep believing and one day it will all pay off, trust me when I say so, Meghan was busy playing a role of a paralegal in Suites and had no idea that she would be the next princess of Sussex but here she is, and she is an epitome of hope. Just believe and it will all work out. Meghan is definitely our Monday mantra muse and she is one of a kind.

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