Thursday, September 21, 2023

Monday Must Have|Rekanna Mind blowing 30 pieces collection

Rihanna may have dropped 40shades of foundation in a day, well Sharon Ojong dropped 30 different pieces in her debut collection.

This seasons designers seems to have gotten a memo that said  ‘go hard or go home’. Sharon Ojong has revealed her first collection which is inspired by friends, fast cars and fast fashion. After gaining so much experience in the fashion industry as a consultant, stylist, blogger and Youtuber, she finally thinks the world is ready for her greatness, well, the truth is, we are super ready for everything Sharon Ojong has to offer.

From well tailored cut out pants to silk pajamas inspired kimono, Rekana is definitely the go to brand for all things trendy, classy and timeless. With all the growth in the Nigerian fashion industry, it’s a breath of fresh air to actually see something incomparable and urbane from an emerging brand.

If you want some added drama to your closet, Rekana offers just that, each daring creation Portrays the rich variety in design of the label, it features ensembles with essential elements that can be spotted from a mile away, so when you are in dire need of a closet revamp, this collection would be your only way out. This collection is a Monday Must have.

A collection transcends more than the number of pieces or designs in which they were made, a collection comes to its full bloom when its versatility can be maximized, that is what Sharon Ojong has done and we can boldly say it is a must have. Take a look at the collection, To see more CLICK HERE

By Utibe Ayi

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