Wednesday, March 22, 2023

#MondayMantra: Slowly but surely all can be achieved

She cried so hard her eyes became numb, her hearth beat kept racing as though she was in a tennis court. All we heard was “how can I get through this, how do I climb this mountain, were do I start from”, she kept thinking out loud.
At that point we couldn’t stand the pain in her voice, the hurt in her face and all I could say was One step at a time, slowly but surely all is achievable. There and then she knew she had been beating her self over nothing, she had let fear take the better part of her, she decided she was not  going to judge herself based on others achievements, she wasn’t going sulk on what she couldn’t do because she thought it impossible but she would take one step at a time, slowly but surely her dreams would be achieved.
In our quest to fulfil our dreams we try too hard some times, beat our selves over what we have not done, use others success to measure ours, sometimes we are even afraid of our dreams hence we take no necessary steps to achieving them, Give your self some credit. We at SPICE TV say to you ONE STEP AT A TIME, SLOWLY BUT SURELY ALL CAN BE ACHIEVED.

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