Tuesday, March 5, 2024

#MustHaveMonday: Lemlem’s Chic & Stylish Tunic

It’s August (how time flies) and we’re starting a month celebrating Travel here at SPICE – hence this week’s must-have is something fit for post-flight exploration; a beautiful tunic by Lemlem.

The brand – founded by Ethiopian model Liya Kebede – ethically produces hand-woven goods produced in Ms Kebede’s hoe-town, Addis Ababa, including this piece, which is perfect for roaming beach-side or for bustling about a city.

With its stripes and classic nautical palette screaming of Summer adventures and ‘buy-now-wear-me-forever-ness,’ there’s good reason to invest, and we at SPICE suggest you do so, here. £205 and it’s yours to keep.


Image source: Net-a-porter.com


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