Thursday, September 21, 2023

#MondayMustHave: South Africa’s New Phone-Charging Bags

While we are thinking about ‘Unity’ this December, we know we are with the entire population when we say we’re desperate for a way to stop running out of battery on our phone and devices when out and about – and this range of bags by South African brand Take-Charge has the answer.

Our must-have this week is any of the items from the luxury bag label’s range, which include handbags, purses and tablet or envelope clutches made in genuine leather. Some can even be customised with a foil-embossed name.


All items are designed and made in Cape Town and come equipped with a built-in power bank that’s compatible with all modern smartphones from the iPhone 5 upward, as well as any micro-USB port devices, including Samsungs and BlackBerrys, etc.

The bags come with a safe, slim battery design concealed inside, allowing carriers to fully charge their phone or tablet at least once before having to charge the power bank itself – a perfect solution to having to carry a phone charger around or risk being caught out with a dead phone.


Something to add to your Christmas wish list? We at SPICE think so. Find your Take-Charge bag from the new collection online here, starting at R1,299.


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