Monday, October 2, 2023

#MustHaveMonday: Bestow Elan’s Cool Kente Coat

As the weather turns even milder (read: freezing) in most of the fashion capitals, we’re busy thinking about coats. And, with Team SPICE launching a month celebrating all things ‘tradition’ (what with wedding and Christmas season upon us), what’s better to lust over than this cool, printed Kente fabric jacket by Bestow Elan?

The “Ayawa” coat – a simply show-stopping piece – is created by Bestow Elan’s talented designer, Erzumah Ackerson, who fused traditional Ghanaian Kente fabric to a brilliant obi-sleeved design, which features large, oversized pockets and an amazing tessellating print, as well as pops of pink welt detailing.

Ready to be thrown over anything else you’ve got in your Autumn/Winter wardrobe, we suggest you get buying this traditionally-crafted coat before everyone else cottons onto the fact that it’s cold and snaps it up in your size.

Secure one for £220, here.

floating_kente_coat unnamed

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