Wednesday, September 27, 2023

#MondayMustHave: Joe’s Jeans’ Genius iPhone-Charging Skinnies

Officially into a month thinking ‘Movement,’ Team SPICE are have fallen hard for a newly launched pair of jeans that will charge your iPhone from your pocket, while you’re out on-the-go: Joe’s Jeans’ “#HELLOBattery” skinnies.

Confirming that the back pocket is indeed the best hands-free place to carry one’s iPhone, the LA-based brand has created a pair of jeans that comfortably holds an iPhone in one pocket, as well as having a specially concealed pocket in the waistband to keep a slim battery for charging said phone and other Apple devices.


From the discreet battery pocket one can simply connect a power cord to the phone and charge while on-the-go, making 10% battery crisis and the need for a socket a thing of the past.


The battery itself – which will fully charge an iPhone 5, 5s and 5c, or charge an iPhone 6 up to 85 per cent – has also been created by Joe’s and is removable to allow you to be able to wash your jeans. The battery also boasts a handy blue LED light to let you know when your battery is low and comes with a built-in protection system that prevents over-charging.

Made for women, the skinny-fit jeans come in four classic colours: black, grey, dark denim blue and light blue – a shade for all seasons and occasions, with the “Kalia” being a favourite, with on-trend ripped knees.


With LBS (Low Battery Syndrome) constantly stopping us from leaving the house without a charger and therefore abandoning the small purse (or legendary ‘no purse at all’) ensemble, this week’s Monday Must-Have seems pretty essential…

Find your phone charging pair of “#HELLOBattery” skinnies for $189 without the battery (the battery being an additional $49) here on the Joe Jeans website, though we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already completely sold out.

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