Monday, May 29, 2023

#MondayMustHave: Karen Walker’s ’70s-Inspired Shades

While Team SPICE are thinking all things ‘Light and Shade’ this month on the site, our must-have this Monday it totes appropriate, being any of New Zealand-based designer Karen Walker’s cool, ’70s-inspired shades.

The label’s Spring/Summer’15 selection of shades, which completely compliment the looks sent down its Autumn/Winter’15 catwalk (seen, here), have us rather stuck, actually, as we just can not seem to choose between our three fave pairs: the “Creeper,” “Hot House” and “Crop Creeper” frames, which are equally as appealing if you’re planning to do that ’70s this season or next.

But, whether tyou’ll be taking platform-baring baby steps or going for a full on, flared leap into the trend,  we’d suggest you select your preferred pair (from $329) and step out the new stylish way, which is well done in any of these retro-inspired frames and certain to have us turn all shades of green.

“Creeper” shades, $329 here

Hot House, $369 here

“Crop Creeper” shades, $329 here

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