Saturday, June 10, 2023

#MondayMustHave: Samsung’s SM-W2016 Flip Phone

While we’re beginning a month thinking about ‘Unity’, our must-have this Monday may just leave us divided, since it’s all about the flip phone, making a cool (or uncool) comeback.

Yes, the 90’s staple in terms of tech you can talk into, made a bit of an icon via TV character Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City is being re-made apparently, by Samsung.


Leaked images showed the new SM-W2016 model will be ‘clamshell’-bodied, which we assume means we can soon scroll left and right, double tap and then flip our phones open, like the sassy style mavens we all believe we are.



For some, the design looks nothing more than dated, but those that will happily follow in the footsteps of fashion aficionados like Rihanna and Ann Wintour, who’ve both been seen flipping phones recently, the new phone will be a welcome addition to one’s wardrobe.


But what do you think? Tell us if you’ll be looking forward to the Samsung SM-W2016 by tagging us in your comments online using @SPICETVAFRICA – we want to know if you agree the flip phone is a must-have or must-not-be-seen-with.

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