Friday, June 9, 2023

#MondayMustHave: The Hermès Apple Watch

Another week, another must-have and another purchase we want to make, and this time – as we dip over to Paris for the start of Couture Week – it’s the fresh new face of the Apple watch we’re after, which takes an Hermès twist.

The “Apple Watch Hermès” collection sees the forward-thinking timepiece redesigned with the fashion houses’ luxe sensibilities, adopting finely-crafted leather straps in Hermes’ “Single Tour”, “Double Tour” and “Cuff” designs, to bring a touch of the heritage, iconography and craftsmanship the label is known for.


The range includes 10 different watches in varying colours, with each watch including an Hermès signature etched into their stainless steel casings, customisable faces and three exclusive dial designs inspired by the Hermès’ “Clipper”, “Cape Cod” and “Espace” watches.


Team SPICE are especially impressed by the “Double Tour” strap that wraps around the wrist (though we’re torn between the brown and blue version), but suggest anyone seeking a new watch take a look at the “Apple Watch Hermès” collection here – where prices start at £1,000.

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