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#MondayMustHave: The Tell-All Biography, ‘Becoming Beyonce: The Untold Story’

With the entire internet talking about the new biographic book, Becoming Beyonce: The Untold Story by well-known celebrity journalist J. Randy Taraborrelli, Team SPICE are super-excited to grab a copy – especially with it containing details of Bey and Jay Z’z one-year break-up over Rihanna and the supposed real reason for that elevator kick-fight between Jay and Solange.

The un-authorised biography is described by the author as “an absorbing insider account of the birth of a pop culture legend,” but the big hook for Bey fans will be the part which talks about the long-circulated rumour that Rihanna and Jay Z were having an affair.


The rumour, revealed to have been a big publicity stunt to launch Rih’s career, was confirmed to be a work of total fiction some time ago, with the star’s ex-publicist Jonathan Hay writing in his book Publicity Stunt: The Art of Noise;

“I began to fabricate stories of Rihanna and Jay Z, leaking false rumours to tabloids, working with Internet message boards, etc. Like when the rumour surfaced that Jay Z had a new love life and was cheating on Beyoncé … that was just to get attention.


Rihanna had nothing to do with any of that, nor did she know we were doing it.”

But, while promoting his newly-penned biography on Beyonce, Mr Taraborrelli told Entertainment Tonight that though the rumour may well have been a publicity stunt, it did have real life affects on Bey and Jay’s marriage, revealing;

“Beyoncé didn’t know what to make of this, and it actually ended up breaking them up for a time. They spent maybe a year apart from each other because Beyoncé just wasn’t sure what to make of the situation with Rihanna.”


What’s more, the whole Rihanna rumour is reportedly the reason for Solange’s elevator outburst last year, which went viral as a recording from the fight was leaked to the press.  Providing more details, the author of Becoming Beyonce explained;

“People told me that there was a whispered argument that night having to do with Jay wanting to go to a party [for] Rihanna. Beyoncé did what Beyoncé does. She laid down the law… it was a whispered married couple’s argument that would’ve gone by completely unnoticed had not Solange overheard it.”


But there’s more juice to be drank still, with the book also revealing Bey’s alleged contract-come-schedule for nannies she employs to help take care of her beloved daughter, Blue Ivy – apparently called the “Daily Program for Blue Ivy as Per Mrs. Carter.”

The book divulges;

“If you are a nanny coming into her household, and you think you are going to just raise Blue Ivy the way you want to, that’s not gonna happen. Beyoncé has sort of an agreement, a structure of how she wants her child to be raised and you have to adhere to this.”

The much-talked about biography goes on sale tomorrow, October 27th and is likely to sell out in seconds. But see if you aren’t tempted to grab yourself a copy of Becoming Beyonce and find out more details on the singer, Jay Z and Rihanna’s fabricated affair and what was really responsible for Solange’s elevator outburst.

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