Monday, March 4, 2024

#MondayMustHave: These Collaborative Kicks by Nike & Nigerian Artist Laolu Senbanjo

In our last week of the month, we’re hoping to March out in a pair of these new trainers, designed in collaboration between Nigerian artist Laolu Senbanjo and mother of all sports brands Nike – our must-have this Monday.

The kicks are covered in Mr Senbanjo’s signature markings – the “visual artist” drawing inspiration from his Yoruba heritage and travels – which will cover kicks at the Air Max Con, holding in NYC this week from 24th til 26th of March.


As one of the multi-day meet’s “Masters of Air”, the talent will be creating art on trainers at the event, channeling his love of the Air Max, New York City and sports, with his signature style leading to truly original and colourful designs that we at SPICE would give a foot for.

Laolu in his favourite pair of Nike Air Max trainers
Laolu in his favourite pair of Nike Air Max trainers

Laolu told Nike that his favourite pairs include the Air Max 90 Infrareds, saying attendees of the event can look forward to;

“…Innovation and evolution of my artistic expression.”

Team SPICE recommend anyone around NY this week register for the Air Max Con here and then pick up a pair of Laolu Senbanjo’s trainers in collaboration with Nike before the limited editions walk away with someone else.


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