Monday, October 2, 2023

#MondayMustHave|Jesu Segun Bespoke Shoes

A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes. It was Christian Louboutin who made that statement and we bet he meant every word.

Shoes define you, throw on the right outfits and put on the wrong pair of shoes, every one would assume you rented your outfit and probably forgot to rent the shoes too. Shoes are the final statement to your overall style, just like the interior of your car says a lot about your your shoes speak more volume. We are always so excited to find brands that interpret class and sophistication in their craft.

Jesu Segun is not only an epitome of handcrafted luxury but it truly represents a man who knows what he needs in the world.We are more than gazed up about all the shoes produced by Jesu Segun, not only are made to fit a persons feet perfectly, it leaves you with a personal experience, a new meaning to your outward appearance.

This brand was established in 2015 and instantly attained a reputation for being audacious, luxurious and classy. Every shoe handcrafted at Jesu Segun is geared to meet the needs of every stylish man who decides to bless his feet with a bespoke pair from the brand. JSL produces various styles of shoes from famous Albert Slippers to the double monk strap, offering clients an opportunity to amalgamate 24 carat gold, platinum thread, exotic leather skins, diamond/gold studs, and name engraving with their special footwear.

Jesu Segun London was established in 2015 and quickly attained a reputation for being bold, luxurious and the epitome of statement pieces. Each shoe is designed with unrivaled attention to detail, with experienced artisans delivering far beyond aesthetics, because we believe that quality, beauty and comfort should work hand in hand.

One of our personal favorite is the Lafia Camo monk strap shoe, hand made using hand painted, satin calf leather with a blue textured stain and off white rubber sole. Asides from that they offer a wide range of edgy classic loafers made from premium python skin fully handcrafted in Venice. It would seem that Jesu Segun paid for this but when we see class we recognize one and we think there is more than a thousand reason you should shop Jesu Segun by CLICKING THIS LINK

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